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UCR Program

Part I and Part II Offenses

The Uniform Crime Reports, commonly known as UCR, is the official record of all the crimes that have been reported to the law enforcers of the society. The crimes that are covered by the Uniform Crime Reports include all the offenses that are being committed against person, property and life. However, it is noted that the UCR classifies the offenses reported to the law enforcement agencies. The crimes reported are reported under Part I which consists of crimes against property and those considered to be violent and Part II. Hence, looking at the March’s arrest report, the crimes of burglary, murder, rape, arson, motor vehicle theft, and larceny fall under the classification of Part I crimes as described by UCR. On the other hand, crimes of fraud, vagrancy, loitering, drunkenness, forgery, domestic abuse and speeding are under Part II of the UCR (Lynch & Addington, 2007).
Offenses Reported and Not Reported to the UCR Program

Based on the record of the crimes committed on the month of March, the offenses that would probably be reported are: murder, arson, motor vehicle theft, larceny, fraud, vagrancy, loitering, forgery and speeding. This is because of the fact that these crimes are committed blatantly by a criminal and do not involved shame on the part of the offended person. However, the crimes of rape and domestic abuse are likely not to be reported by the offended person by reason of shame. It is believed that rape victims do not come out in the open telling every police officers, lawyers and judges that they have been raped because of the fear that it will degrade their morale. They are ashamed of what happened to them. As a result of it, there are very rare cases of rape that are reported accordingly. Also, domestic abuses committed in the confinement of one’s home are not reported for fear of breaking family ties and unity.


Lynch, J. P & Addington, L.A. (2007). Understanding Crime Statistics: Revisiting the Divergence of the NCVS and UCR. Cambridge Studies in Criminology: Cambridge University Press.


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