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2. Author: Evelyn Ho
3. Type of Document: Thesis
4. Type of Publication: Unpublished
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8. Abstract:

8.1 Summary: This study sought to determine the current resources used to support the IT system of Northern Luzon Adventist College. Having IT system status, hence, an appropriate IT resources development plan for NLAC using the gap analysis to support the IS requirements is developed. It was conducted to three areas namely: (a.) academic offices; (b) administrative offices; and (c.) registrar office during the school; year 2001-2002. The timeframe covered in the IT resources development plan is five years.

8.2 Findings: The first of the findings revealed the present IT resources of the college for teachings and learning processes, administrative processes, and student information system. This is in terms of the different views namely: (a.) work organizational view, (b.) information view, (c.) application view, and (d) technology view.

The second part of the findings presented the target IT set-up based on the mission, vision, goals, and objectives set by NLAC management.

The third party of the findings revealed the plan for enhancing IT resources support for improving the IT organization of NLAC to its standard platform. In terms of work organizational view, there is a need for two more IT faculty members in the Elementary department, three more IT faculty members in the High School Department, eight more IT faculty members in the College Department, and three more trained staff in the Teaching and Learning Processes. For Administrative Processes, the MIS office must be composed of a MIS head, a Database Administrator, two Programmers and a Technical Support. The other administrative offices such as: Human Resource personnel and staff; Business Manager, Treasurer, Student Finance Director, Accountant and Cashier; Supply and Material officer; VP for Student Affairs and a staff, Librarian and three staff members; CARES coordinator and one staff member. The Registrar office must have a Registrar along with three staff members.

In terms of information View, Information Systems in the teaching and learning processes are instructional and research services. In the Administrative Processes the information systems are MIS Management; Human Resource Information System; Monitoring of Income Generating Projects, Financial System, Payroll System and Student Account Information; Supply and material Inventory; SAO system; and Publication of Researches and Extension Services. In the Student Information System, sub-systems must composed of Enrollment System, Student Record Management, and Transcript and Credential Processing.

In terms of Application View, for instructional purposes, software includes Windows XP, Windows applications, Windows-based programming. Linux Red Hat, any DOS Application, DOS-based programming, and other software are needed for the course offerings. In the administration offices, software available must be composed of different application software that caters to the need of each office. An automation and computerization of the information systems in the administrative processes must be completed. For student information system, feasible application software for Enrollment Process, grading System, Student Record Management must all be made available.

Finally, in terms of technology view, each of the three college computer laboratories must have 30 computer units. The two High School laboratories must also have 25 computer units each and the Elementary laboratory must have 15 computer units as well. The Internet Library for Research Center must have 30 computer units and the Internet for faculty must have 15 computer units as well. These computer laboratories must be LAN connected, equipped with printers in each room. All administrative offices must be equipped with computers, printers and CD-writer for back-ups. As much as possible, these administrative offices must an Internet access. The registrarís office must have three computer units along with three printers and a CD-writer. Offices, which are involved in the student information system, must be LAN connected.

8.3 Conclusion: The findings in the Current IT Resources used in teaching and learning processes, administrative processes and student information system underscored that there was inadequacy of computer units as well as other IT equipment. Most of the offices were already equipped with computers but additional programs must be installed. Offices were only using office automation tools such as MS Word, Excel, and Access for processing transactions. There were also enough staff personnel but they needed training in the use of information technology. Information system in the administrative processes and student information were not computerized and automated; these will not be able to support the needs of computerization and automation. This emphasizes that there was only limited IT resources being used to support the needs of the teaching and learning processes, administrative processes and student information system.

From the findings of the Gap Analysis, NLAC should take into consideration the development of the application to cater to the needs of administrative processes.

The IT resources development plans of NLAC for the next five years, in terms of work organizational view, the hiring of additional staff will support the present teaching force in the college in order to sustain the need of in the teaching and learning processes. Training of the different offices staff in the use of technology will raise the opportunities to improve technology in the college.

In terms of information view, the establishment of information systems needed in the different offices keeps the administrative processes and student information system intact. These information systems will provide support to the business processes of the college.

For application view, application programs to be developed by the MIS personnel should cater to the need of computerization and automation for the different offices and colleges particularly in the administrative processes and student information system. The acquisition of licensed software will also conform to the standardization and regulations. These programs will provide support to utilize latest technology.

For technology view, the acquisition of additional computer units and other IT equipment will supplement the existing IT resources. The expansion of the computer laboratory will also adequately meet the studentsí needs in their respective course. This will underscore the improvement of the information technology program of the college.

8.4 Recommendations: The administration should provide its continuous support and commitment for the implementation of the Information Technology program of NLAC. To utilize the resources to the maximum, computer terminal or workstation should operate effectively at least ten hours a day and six days a week in the laboratories. A monitoring and evaluation program for the IT resources must take place to maintain their efficiency and effectiveness. The evaluation should also consider the current deployment of the IT resources according to business needs to ensure the optimum delivery of services. The evaluation should be undertaken during the current year, with the implementation of changes spread over two to three years. The administration should provide a contingency fund for the proposed plan. Finally, a strict periodic review must be implemented for this proposed plan.



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