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custom essays, research proposal, term paper, thesis, dissertations, book reports writing services

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The Procedures in making your thesis / dissertations,
The payments, number of pages and time frame.

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> I have my first 3 chapters, can you finish my Chapter 4 and 5 ?
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Thesis / Dissertations

Thesis or Dissertation writing is the last phase that college students have to go through. It is to examine if they have learned from their professors and to see if they are familiar by then with their chosen field. Usually thesis discusses about unequivocal research regarding the course of the student. It is also for those graduated students who pursue their career into the next level, by taking up masteral or doctorate degree.

We at A1Thesis, can help those who wants to have a better thesis or Dissertation. We can compose the Chapters 1 to 5 of your Dissertation papers.

please be guided by our fees:

Services Regular Timeframe Price per Page Rush Order Price per Page
Thesis/Dissertation 3 to 6 months $20.00 1 to 2 months $25.00

NOTE: You have to pay the half payment of your paper.

Chapter 1 = Usually consists of 10 pages
Chapter 2 = Usually consists of 25 pages
Chapter 3 = Mostly consist of 5 pages
Chapter 4 = Revisions of Chapter 1to3 (charge revisions but it is minimal)
Chapter 5 = Usually consist of 25 to 30 pages

Free : Thesis Statement

The Procedures in making your thesis / dissertations,
The payments, number of pages and time frame.

Shall we start?

for the composition of your thesis.

here is how we do it!

A1Thesis Services Step # 1 writing - CHAPTER 1 (THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND)

A1thesis will ask you first if your research proposal has been approved by your professor and/or university.

If YES then we can start drafting your chapter 1
If NO we can make one for you, just provide us the topic or subject you are interested to pursue. Order here.

A1thesis will ask for your email address for us to know where to send your order. Your email must be confidential. It is for you alone for security purposes.

You will receive chapter 1 within two weeks after you submit to us your approved proposed topic and/or research proposal.

CHAPTER 1 consists of 10 pages.


The list of required references will be needed submit it to us upon the submission of your research proposal or before we send to you the 1st chapter. (click here to find where to submit your references, It could be a book, journals, and even websites)

Normally, chapter 2 is one of the most difficult parts of your thesis, because it demands reading. Analysis and synthesis.

We will send this to you two weeks after we submit to you your chapter 1.

Chapter 2 usually consists of 25 pages but still you can tell us the required number of pages by your professor and we will follow it.

A1Thesis Services Step # 3 writing - CHAPTER 3 (RESEARCH METHODOLOGY)

This chapter discusses your design, population and sampling, data collection and statistical treatment. You will receive it 2 weeks after we send to you chapter 2.

Your task will be the data gathering, recording, and tallying of survey or results. If you need help on how to do this, please feel free to contact or email us.

Your research methodology is either quantitative or qualitative or both

You will also submit to us the number of your respondents/participant/subjects and the total number of the population and the number of retrieved questionnaires input it in your chapters 3 and 4. 

If you don`t have a questionnaire yet, we can provide you one, contact or emails us for more details.

Mostly, chapter 3 consists of 5 pages.

A1Thesis Services Step # 4 REVISIONS OF CHAPTERS 1 TO 3

The pleasure is the rewriting: The first sentence cant be written until the final sentence is written. This is a koan-like statement, and I don’t mean to sound needlessly obscure or mysterious, but it’s simply true. The completion of any work automatically necessitates its revisioning.

Joyce Carol Oates: A thesis always has a second thought from others to make it close to perfect. Your professors might put some additional ideas and he/she wants it to be included in your paper. The assurance that your paper will get a grade of A is possible, but unfortunately, professors are too meticulous when it comes to the thesis of their students. Your paper will be subject for her/his revisions. No one has ever got a grade of A unless it has been check and graded by his/her professor according to his/ her standards.

We are not promising that we will draft a paper and you will get a grade of a, but a passing mark is assured because of the good quality of our products.


Your thesis adviser will be the worst critic of your thesis/dissertation. what we can guarantee is that we will write your paper with fully substantiated ideas and information and judiciously following standards for thesis/dissertation writing.

For REVISIONS OF CHAPTER 1-3, we charge minimal.

After we send to you your chapter 1 to 3, we will wait for you to send it back to us for revisions.

And we will wait for your signal before we start your chapter 4 and 5.



Your Chapter 4 discusses observations and results of statistical treatment of your data. This is the part wherein we can generalize a fact regarding your research problem and to prove whether your hypothesis is either accepted or rejected.

We use SPSS for statistical analysis. With a separate payment of $50.

Usually, Chapter 4 and 5 consists of 25 to 30 pages.

You do not have to pay additional statistical fee if your Chapter 4 is qualitative as long as you give us your overall observations for phenomenological approaches.

We will send to you your chapter 4 and 5 one month after we receive your data collection results.

A1Thesis Services Step # 6 REVISIONS OF YOUR CHAPTER 4 AND 5

As part of every research paper there is always a revision to make it close to perfect. Your professor will definitely include some ideas and changes in your paper.

Send it back to us immediately so we can revise it and send it back to you after 1 week.


Your paper will be in your hand with complete revisions! All you need to do is review the finished paper and get ready for defense. If you wish to talk to defense consultants, our panel of experts will be very glad to help you for a minimum fee.

All these paper works are written from scratch and are
100% original and custom-made!

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