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Nice topic isnít it? It is really interesting because it will discuss the present situation of every individual in our modern world today. To make this one simple, I would rather discuss it in a manner wherein everybody would appreciate.

For centuries, the differences between men and women were socially defined and distorted through a lens of sexism in which men assumed superiority over women and maintained it through domination. As the goal of equality between men and women now grows closer we are also losing our awareness of important differences.

Men and women still differ in many ways, in their physical, social, mental, emotional, and sexual aspect. Every individual still has his own natures and characteristics.

In their physical aspect, it is pretty obvious that men have strong body built than women. This is the reason why they claim superiority over women. They can carry heavy baggage and the likes while women cannot. Just simple differences but still it shows the capacity of a man and a woman. The man serves as the provider and protector of a woman because of their strong physical appearance.

In their social aspect, woman is more sociable than man. Woman used to be bubbly and has a good public relation. Most women are born conversant while men did not. Men prefer to go out with his close friends than to spent his day attending different acquaintance parties. They rather sit on the corner while having some drinks and women used to walk around, having cheek to cheek with their acquaintances and friends.

In their mental or intellectual aspect, men said that two heads are better than one? Women might disagree in this saying. There are situations that man is more intellectual than woman and vice versa. Do you believe that man is better in calculations and numbers than woman? Man used to solve problems one at a time. Unlike woman, they can use the both sides of their brain to solve their problems. If you will notice, when it is a boys talk, they usually discuss one topic until the end. But when it is a girls` talk, they can discuss at least three subjects before the time ends. The mental capacity of a woman is thrice advance rather than man. That is why young girls get boring when they are talking to young boys.

In their emotional aspect, woman is more sensitive than man. Man used to keep their feelings inside. That is the reason why most men committed suicide and the number of death rates is higher than women. A man when it comes to a relationship, he used to keep it as long as the woman wants to stick with it. But woman breaks it when they feel love from other man. Man has more contentment in life rather than woman. Woman in our modern society prefers career, they became practical now than before.

In their sexual aspect, when we are going to assess it, we will find out that woman is wilder than man when it comes to sexual relationship. Yes, that is true. That is the reality that most women do not accept. But men are more aggressive when it comes in engaging on it.

The psychological differences between man and women are less obvious. They can be difficult to describe. Yet these differences can profoundly influence how we form and maintain relationships that can range from work and friendships to marriage and parenting.

Recognizing, understanding, discussing as well as acting skillfully in light of the differences between men and women can be difficult. Our failure to recognize and appreciate these differences can become a life long source of disappointment, frustration, tension and eventually our downfall in a relationship. Not only can these differences destroy a promising relationship, but most people will grudgingly accept or learn to live with the consequences. Eventually they find some compromise or way to cope. Few people ever work past these difficulties. People tend to accept what they donít understand when they feel powerless to change it.

Relationships between men and women are not impossible or necessarily difficult. Problems simply arise when we expect or assume the opposite sex should think, feel or act the way we do. Itís not that men and women live in completely different realities. Rather, our lack of knowledge and mutual experience gives rise to our difficulties.

Despite great strides in this country toward equality, modern society hasnít made relationships between men and women any easier. Todayís society has taught us and has imposed on us the expectation that men and women should live together continuously, in communion, and in harmony. These expectations are not only unrealistic but ultimately they leave people feeling unloved, inadequate, cynical, apathetic or ashamed.

The challenge facing men and women is to become aware of their identities, to accept their differences, and to live their lives fully and as skillfully as possible. To do this we must first understand in what ways we are different. We must avoid trying to change others to suit our needs. The following illustrates some important differences between men and women. These differences are not absolute. They describe how men and women are in most situations most of the time.

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